Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is risen

He is risen.

the first person to say
those words
spoke to grief stricken women
who came to give you
what any mother would want for
her dead child…
a decent burial.

but there was no
to treat…
there were no
of which to ask permission…

it was as if
You had never died…
you DID die…
in public
for all to see
so much blood
at the end

they made a public end of
Your life…
another celebration of power
over grace…
or so we thought.

in Your dying
it was as if no one else
other than You and Your Abba…
we thought You
david’s terrifying psalm
from captivity was on Your
then You called your mother
and john
giving them a life together…
an elder son
to care for her needs…
and a new mother for john
(so young)
to love and respect.

then You were done.

or so we thought.

You had only begun to
to change the cosmos.

we did not know
Who You were
what You were about.

so we grieved
without hope.

until You spelled it out
for us.

1 comment:

Denise said...

my favorite line, "it was as if no one else existed other than You and Your Abba."
i have really found myself caught up in the intimacy between Father and Son this Easter.
it is amazing how they can have such intimacy, and yet invite us into it.