Thursday, June 20, 2013

an easy death

at the end
of 33 years of following Your Abba
the tangle of our sin-shattered world
our mangled lives
our broken bodies
our over-powered spirits
always giving Your Abba's leading...
in word
in deed
in heart
after the dark-of-night-struggle
     with the enormous bulk of our sin-load...
after never really considering DIS-obeying
     Your Abba's lead...
after begging
     for another way
     for any other alternative...
the dying
was easy...
until the dark descended like a midnight
on Your heart & ours.
at noon.
the heart that always listened first
before speaking...
the soul that always watched Your Abba
for a clue before acting...
pushed thru the DARKest DARK
to offer up Your Own Spirit
to Your for--the-first-time-ever silent Abba
the DARK.
our sin.
into pieces.

our hosanna-prayer-hopes
came true.